Getting a Bail Bond in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin does not allow commercial bonds. This means that you cannot get a bail bond in the state of Wisconsin. But, it doesn’t mean that someone who has been arrested cannot get out on bond at all. It simply means that the full bail amount will be due immediately in the form of a cash bond.

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Wisconsin

Since bail bonds are outlawed in the state of Wisconsin, there are no requirements for getting one. It simply isn’t going to happen. This means that any bonds to be posted to pay the for bail must be made directly with the Sheriff’s department or the county jail.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Wisconsin with a Criminal History

The commercial bond market does not exist in Wisconsin. A prior criminal history has absolutely no impact on the ability of a defendant to receive a bail bond since it cannot happen with the current laws concerning commercial bail bonds. There may, however, be an award of a cash bond and some defendant, especially first-time non-violent offenders have been known to secure release on their own recognizance.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Wisconsin

There are no collateral requirements or restrictions in the state of Wisconsin that relate to bail bonds. The commercial bail bond industry has been completely outlawed in the state making collateral meaningless for the purpose of securing bonds. You may need to come up with a full cash amount in order to pay a cash bond to bring about the release of your loved one.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Wisconsin

You cannot find a bail bondsman in Wisconsin as they are illegal in the state. You will need to go to either the county jail or the sheriff’s department in order to post bail once the arraignment has been completed and bail been awarded.

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