Getting a Bail Bond in Washington DC

Washington DC, as the nation’s capital, is unique in many ways. It isn’t exactly a state, but still must handle crime and punishment as if it were. When the time comes to get a bail bond in Washington DC, this information will come in handy.

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Washington DC

As with any other state there is certain personal information that is required in order to get a bail bond. You’ll need the relevant details about the defendant: name, birth date, reason for arrest, date of arrest, charges being levied, and bail amount. You’ll also need to provide your own information as the person who is actually paying the bond. You will also need to provide a security deposit and collateral equal to the remaining bail amount in order to effectively secure the bond.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Washington DC with a Criminal History

Oddly enough, a criminal history isn’t as important when it comes to obtaining a bail bond as you might think. Keep in mind that the absence of a criminal history doesn’t guarantee that bail will be offered either.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Washington DC

The collateral for bail bond in Washington DC needs to be appropriate to what remains of the bail debt once the premium (usually 10 percent cash) has been paid. Any collateral that has a significantly higher value than the remaining bail is excessive and should be reconsidered.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Washington DC

Washington DC has quite a few options available for bail bondsmen. You can find them in close proximity to most criminal courts in DC as well as in the phone book and online. The Internet is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to arrange a bail bond as it gives you the opportunity to send out multiple queries by email. In less time than it would take to drive to one, you can interview several different bond agencies.

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