Getting a Bail Bond in Vermont

Vermont bail bonds aren’t as complicated to get as you might think they are. Once bail has been awarded by the court, there are only a few steps involved to get the needed bond.

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Vermont

You’re going to need to provide information about yourself, as the person securing the bond, the defendant (for identification purposes), the bail award, the charges levied against the defendant, and the location where the defendant is being held.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Vermont with a Criminal History

A criminal history in the state of Vermont doesn’t mean you cannot possibly get a bail bond, but it may make it a little more difficult. The first step in obtaining a bail bond is being awarded bail by the court. That’s more difficult to do with each subsequent conviction. While it is much easier to receive a bail award with no previous convictions, it’s no guarantee that you’ll be granted bail either. If you’re being charged with a dangerous crime or pose a significant flight risk, bail may not be offered at all. If it is offered it might be restrictive enough that it will prove difficult to secure adequate collateral to cover.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Vermont

Collateral should not be in an amount this is considered excessive to the bail that is owed. Meticulous receipts should be kept by the bond agency and the collateral should be returned in short order once the obligation of the bond has been met.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Vermont

The Internet is an excellent tool for finding a bail bondsman in Vermont. It’s a good idea to use email to make initial enquiries. That way you can print out the email and keep all the communications in order (not to mention have a written record of what was offered). You’ll know walking into the office what the arrangements and expectations are.

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