Getting a Bail Bond in Texas

When you’re in Texas, bail bonds might sound like something other people deal with, until you find yourself in need of one. This information will help guide you through the process of getting a bail bond in Texas when that time comes.

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Texas

In Texas, much like many other states, the main requirements for a bail bond include the following: bail amount set by the court, identifying information about the defendant (name, date of birth, etc.), facility where defendant is being held, date of arrest, and the nature of the crime. You’ll also need funds for the 10 percent deposit and collateral to cover the remaining bail amount.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Texas with a Criminal History

Bail exists to ensure that the accused will make his appearance in court when the date arrives. It’s not meant to be punitive or a hardship for someone who hasn’t yet been convicted of a crime. It does, however, need to be large enough that it will ensure the accused thinks twice before skipping out and leaving a relative or loved one paying the price.

That is why a long and strong criminal history may not necessarily eliminate you from obtaining a bail bond but it may make it more financially difficult to cover the collateral for.

Collateral Requirements in Texas

Collateral for most bail bonds in Texas should be enough to adequately cover the bail amount. Since individual counties hold a great deal of power in the bonding and licensing process, there isn’t a singular list of statewide requirements for bond.

Finding Bail Bondsmen in Texas

It is best, since bondsmen in Texas are governed by the county, that you choose a bondsman in the county where the trial will be held. You can find them online and contact them via phone or email to ask any questions you may have. Keep in mind that email communications provide a record of what is said so you can look back over it before making your final decision.

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