Getting a Bail Bond in Tennessee

The bonding process for posting bail can seem a little bit mysterious to someone who has never had to go through it. Keep reading to remove the mystique of the process so that you’re able to get a bail bond without struggling with any potential stumbling blocks in your way.

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Tennessee

There are a few basic requirements for getting a bail bond in Tennessee. Information is at the top of the list. Before a bond can be issued you’re going to need to provide details to the bondsman. These details include the name and date of birth of the defendant, the amount of bail that’s been awarded, the location of the incarceration, and the nature of the crime. You’ll also need to have a cash deposit, which is typically ten percent of the total bail amount, along with collateral to cover the remaining balance. In many cases, when bail is high, real estate is used to secure the bond.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Tennessee with a Criminal Record

It is possible to get a bail bond in Tennessee even if you have a criminal history. However, bail must be granted in order to get a bail bond. That is easier to accomplish if your criminal history is mild and/or completely unrelated to the current charges. Be prepared, however, for a higher bail amount if you do have any past convictions on your record.Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Tennessee

Collateral in Tennessee works much the same as it does in other states. You will need collateral in a comparable amount to cover the entire cost of the bond if the defendant leaves town. That’s why it’s so important to only post bond for those you trust not to leave you holding a huge bill when all is said and done. Commonly accepted items for collateral include: homes, cars, recreational vehicles, guns, jewelry, and other valuables. All items are assessed at their current resale value and not what was originally paid for them.

Finding a Bail Bond Agent in Tennessee

Tennessee has plenty of bail bond agents from which you can choose. Take your time and choose one who has a reputation for fair and ethical business practices. Contact several of the bondsmen in your area via email in order to get quick quotes so you’ll have a good idea going in what your options are and which agency is offering you the fairest overall deal.

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