Getting a Bail Bond in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island allows bondsmen to service the following types of bail bonds: federal bail bonds, immigration bail bonds, nationwide bail bonds, and state and county bail bonds. This guide will help you learn more about the bail bond process in Rhode Island.

What are the Requirements for Getting a Rhode Island?

You’ll need a few things in order to secure bail bonds in Rhode Island. They include: a bail award, the location and nature of the arrest, the name and birth date of the defendant, and a method of payment for the bond. For larger bail amounts this may require serious collateral to secure the bond.

Can You get a Bail Bond in Rhode Island if You have a Criminal History?

It is possible to get a bail bond in the state of Rhode Island with a criminal history. It is easier to secure bail and a bail bond if this is a first offense, however. The amount of the bail that is set, if it’s awarded at all, is generally higher if you have one or more previous conviction. Bail is unlikely to be set at all in death penalty and life sentence cases or when the defendant poses a significant flight risk. The purpose of bail, after all, is to ensure that the defendant has a vested interest in making his or her court appearances.

What are the Collateral Requirements for Bail Bonds in Rhode Island?

Collateral must be properly catalogued by the bond agency and a receipt of all collateral must be presented. It must also be released immediately once the terms of the bond have been met (generally meaning the court case has ended in either a conviction or a dismissal).

How do You Find a Bail Bondsman in Rhode Island?

The Internet has many websites with information on Rhode Island bail bondsmen. Many bond agencies also have websites that post basic information on the bail bond process, phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses. It’s wise to send emails to several different agencies and get a quote in writing before making a decision. Are there Other Resources for Information on Bail Bond Contracts in Rhode Island?

You can get more information about the laws concerning bail bonds in Rhode Island by visiting:

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