Getting a Bail Bond in Pennsylvania

No one really thinks about the steps involved in getting bail in Pennsylvania until you need to do it for someone you care about. It’s important to know a few facts before you go through the bond process.

Requirements for Pennsylvania Bail Bonds

Bail bonds in Pennsylvania typically require specific information about the accused. This information includes name and date of birth, location of incarceration, arrest date, and bail amount. The bond part of the equation also generally requires a financial down payment as well as collateral for the remainder of the bail amount.

Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania with a Criminal History

It is possible to be awarded bail in Pennsylvania if you have a criminal history. However, there are stiffer bail bond agreements that may be required of those who have long criminal histories or have been accused of crimes that carry particularly harsh penalties.

What Kind of Collateral Requirements are There?

Pennsylvania courts offer five different options for release. They include:

  • Surety bonds
  • Cash bonds
  • Cite outs
  • Own recognizance
  • Property bonds

The property bond must generally be worth twice the value of the bail. Cash bonds require the entire amount to be submitted in cash and if they fail to appear the entire amount is forfeit. For surety bonds, an agreement is made between the defendant, the court, and the bond agency to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court for a premium fee. The consequences of a failure to appear do not necessarily result in bond forfeitures unless that is spelled out in the agreement.

How to Find a Bail Bondsman in Pennsylvania

The Internet has many resources concerning bail bondsmen in Pennsylvania. It’s a good idea to contact them via email, most respond quickly, to get fast access to information and a quote in writing so you can explore your options before making your final decision. No matter how urgent it may seem, it’s worth your time to find an ethical bonding agent to work with.

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