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How to Pay for a Bond

The defendant, a loved one, friend or co-signer may be able to find a bondsman willing to put up the bail. They may be able to fill out the application and they may even be able to make sure everything in the defendants life is taken care of for the time being. However, paying back the bail is daunting for anyone. The amount put up for bail is a percentage of the entire bail itself, but that does not mean that it is any easier to pay. There are a few ways to pay for a bond.

Short-Term Loan

Though it is not the best option, taking out a short-term loan may be the best way for someone to pay for a bond. They are usually quick and easy to obtain and the money can be in a bank account within a few hours to one full day.

Savings Account

Emptying a savings account is a quick way to pay for a bond as well. A savings account can be emptied fairly easily or the amount from a savings account can be transferred to a checking account for easy access.

Cash on Hand

Paying for a bond with cash on hand seems like it would be the first logical choice, but in the heat of the moment and stress surrounding a legal issue a person may forget this option. Always check to see what cash is in accounts, easily accessible or laying around the house.

Pawn Shops

A large number of people who need to pay for a bond will use pawn shops to sell unwanted items around the house. Pawn shops may not offer the most amount of money but they will offer the fastest amount.

Payment Plans

Some bail bondsman offer payment plans to handle high bail amounts. These payment plans can last a few months or up to a few years. This is a great first step if you are looking for a way to pay the bond easily. It keeps you in contact with your bail bondsman and makes sure you pay for the bond on time. Payment plans with the bail bondsman also offers flexibility. A bail bondsman is likely to understand and help with payment arrangements when a bank or alternative loan may not. Always check with the bondsman for this option before obtaining the bail.

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