Getting a Bail Bond in Oregon

Most people don’t even think about trying to get a bail bond until they’re confronted with a situation where it’s necessary. Unfortunately, in the state of Oregon, bail bonds are illegal. This means that getting a bail bond in this state is not possible.

Requirements for getting Oregon Bail Bonds

Since commercial bail bonds are illegal in the state of Oregon there are no requirements for getting one. Defendants in Oregon are either released on their own recognizance, conditional release, or a deposit bond. Payment for the deposit bond can only be made after bail has been assigned in an arraignment and must be made at the jail or sheriff’s department.

Can You get a Bail Bond in Oregon with a Criminal Record?

There are no commercial bonds available in the state of Oregon. However, bail may be awarded even if you have a criminal record. In this event, a deposit bond will need to be made. The likelihood of an ROR or conditional release with a previous conviction is low. It diminishes greatly if the defendant has multiple previous convictions—especially in related offenses.

What are the Requirements for Collateral in the State of Oregon?

There are no laws regarding collateral for Oregon bail bonds since they are not allowed in the state. Deposit bonds are the only acceptable form of payment for bail in the state of Oregon if bail is awarded. In other instances, defendants may either be allowed a conditional release or released on their own recognizance.

How Can You Find a Bail Bondsman in Oregon?

You cannot find a bail bondsman in the state of Oregon. The practice is not allowed according to state law. Defendants may be released on their own recognizance, allowed a conditional release, or required to pay a deposit bond in order to be released prior to trial.

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