Getting a Bail Bond in Oklahoma

The purpose of bail in Oklahoma is to ensure that those who have been accused of committing crimes have a proper incentive to show up for their court appearances. In other words, it’s generally enough money to be a hardship for the average family to easily come up with. That’s where bail bonds come into the picture. But, how do you go about getting one?

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Oklahoma

In order to get a bail bond in Oklahoma you need basic information about the accused: name, date of birth, etc.; where he or she is being held; and when the arrest was made. You’re also going to need a cash payment up front as well as collateral equal in value to the full bail amount. For the most part, acceptable collateral includes: cash, automobiles, and real estate.

Can You Get a Bail Bond in Oklahoma with a Criminal History?

It is possible to get a bail bond in Oklahoma if you already have a criminal history. The longer or stronger that criminal history is, the harder it generally is to receive bail. There are also some situations where first time offenders will be denied bond. This is generally when there is a great flight risk, the charges are severe, or the case is being considered for a life sentence or death penalty.

What are the Collateral Rules and Requirements for Bail Bonds in Oklahoma?

A receipt must be issued for all items received as collateral by the bail bonds agency and must be returned as soon as the principal is entitled to receive them—after the final court appearance has been made.

How to Find a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma

The Internet has made it much simpler to find a bail bondsman in Oklahoma. It’s a good idea to contact a few different bond agencies via email as an initial enquiry and to get quotes in writing. Most bond agents will reply quickly with the information you need. If you aren’t interested in waiting for an email reply you can call most agencies. If you prefer to deal face to face, most bond agencies are located with easy access to criminal courts.

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