Getting a Bail Bond in Ohio

Most people never expect to need to know how to go about getting a bail bond in Ohio. That is, until they need to get one. When that day arrives for you, you’ll want to have this information at hand.

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Ohio

Before bail bonds can be issued, bail must be set. In addition to the bail amount, you’ll need to provide the full name of the person bail is being issued for, the date of birth of that person, and the jail where he or she is being held. In addition, you’ll need arrest date and, in some cases, some form of collateral to secure the loan.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Ohio With a Criminal History

In general, those who do not have a criminal history will have an easier time getting a bail bond. The requirements aren’t as hefty and sometimes defendants are released on their own recognizance without bail being required. However, ten percent deposit bonds are sometimes allowed for first time offenders. Repeat offenders and felony cases, flight risks, and life-term cases often require substantially high bail, if any is allowed at all.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Ohio

Ohio residents must typically come up with ten percent of the bail amount along with collateral to secure a bond. The amount of the collateral required should correspond in value to the bond amount. If the defendant doesn’t appear, then the collateral is forfeit. Make sure you’re certain the defendant will appear before you risk your home to secure their bond.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, bond agents are licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and they have pretty strong rules about how bonds should be handled. In fact, recent news has focused on crackdowns in the bail bonds industry to ensure that people aren’t being taken advantage of by bond agents. Make sure you deal with agencies and agents that are in good standing with the state of Ohio and have valid operating licenses.

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