Getting a Bail Bond in North Dakota

Bail bonds in North Dakota aren’t as frightening as they may sound—if you know which steps to take to get the ball rolling. This guide will help you get the bond you need.

North Dakota Requirements for Bail Bonds

North Dakota bail bond agents need certain information in order to post bond for a defendant. The information they need includes mundane things like the name and date of birth of the defendant. They also need more relevant information such as the name of the jail where the defendant is being held, the date of the arrest, and the amount of bail that’s been set. In felony cases or other cases with an above-average amount of bail, they may require collateral (this often comes in the form of real estate) in order to secure the bond.

North Dakota – Getting Bail Bond with a Criminal History

A criminal history can certainly make it a little more difficult to get the bail bond you’re interested in. The existence of a criminal history by itself is generally not reason enough to deny bond unless there are exceptional mitigating circumstances. However, if the case is considered a death penalty candidate or sure to hold a life sentence; the odds are not in your favor. The same holds true if you’re a repeat offender with more than a couple of criminal convictions under your belt already.

Collateral Requirements for North Dakota Bail Bonds

When bondsman accepts collateral they must provide a written receipt with a full description of the collateral. The bondsman must also keep a copy of the receipt for the commissioner to review if ever the occasion arises. The collateral items much be returned to the principal as soon as termination of liability has been discovered and the amount of collateral accepted must be reasonable by comparison to the amount of the bond.

Finding a Bondsman in North Dakota

North Dakota bondsmen aren’t difficult to find at all—especially if you know where to look. Many of them have offices located in the area surrounding criminal courthouses in counties throughout North Dakota. However, you can also find many of them through Internet websites and phone book advertisements too. Rules, Requirements, and Regulations for Bail Bonds in North Dakota

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