Getting a Bail Bond in North Carolina

The average person is more than a little lost when they find themselves in a position to get bail bond in North Carolina. This information will help you know where to get started.

Requirements for a Bail Bond in North Carolina

The requirements for bail bonds in NC include a wide range of things. At the top of the list is basic information about the person being charged and where he or she is being held. In order to secure the bond, the bonding agent is going to need the full name and date of birth of the defendant, the location of the jail where the defendant is being held, arrest date, and the bond amount.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in North Carolina if you have a Criminal History

A criminal history can be a little difficult to overcome when attempting to bond out of jail. For the most part, it isn’t impossible. The difficulty rises if you pose a flight risk, have two or more previous felony convictions, or are facing a death penalty or life sentence if convicted. It’s also more difficult and costly to secure a bond in these cases as well.

Collateral Requirements in North Carolina

In the state of North Carolina there are stiff rules regarding what is acceptable as collateral. Bond agents are not allowed to accept collateral that isn’t reasonable in relation to the bond that’s owed. Collateral security on the bond must also be returned within 72 hours of the end of the bond’s liability.

What to Look for in a Bail Bondsman in North Carolina

Most criminal courthouses have several bail bonds providers located in close proximity. However, it’s fairly simple to find one online with a simple search engine query or even using the search feature on your GPS device. But, it’s a good idea to do a little due diligence before you decide on a bond agent to make sure the one you’re considering has a solid reputation for dealing honestly with the clients he or she serves.

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