Getting a Bail Bond in New York

Most people never anticipate the need to get a bail bond in New York. As a result the average person doesn’t have a clue where to begin when the need does arise. First of all, there are a few basic bits of information you’re going to need. They include: the defendant’s full name and date of birth, where the jail is located and the name of the jail, the date of the arrest, and amount of bail that will be needed. If the bail amount is sufficiently large or the bond is on a felony conviction, you may also need some form of collateral, generally real estate, with which to secure the loan.

Obtaining a bail bond in New York with a criminal history may be a trickier proposition. It can be done, but it may be more difficult than it is to get one without a criminal past. The exception would be in cases where there is a high risk of flight, the case carries a life sentence or the possibility of a death penalty, or the defendant has two or more felony convictions already. You also have a harder time finding a bondsman willing to write a bond for you if the defendant presents high-risks such as these.

Bond collateral requirements or restrictions in New York might protect both the person putting up the collateral as well as the bondsman offering the surety. Bail bonds themselves are generally non-refundable. However, the collateral that’s used to secure the bond is generally released once all the necessary court appearances have been made.

Finding a bail bondsman in New York is really easy to do. They are almost always located in close proximity to courts where criminal cases are heard. This makes it more convenient for the friends and loved ones posting the bond. Before you decide on one bond company, however, it’s a good idea to see what’s available and look for companies that have a solid reputation for integrity and those that do not engage in seedy or underhanded practices.

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