Bail Bond Processes in New Hampshire

The bail bond process in New Hampshire runs much the same as other states within the United States. There are certain prerequisites that must be accomplished prior to finding out if a bail bond is an option. The following are those prerequisites.

  • When an individual has been arrested they will be taken to the county jail or city jail for processing. This is the first step in the process to finding out if you are eligible for bail due to your particular case. You will not find out if you're eligible for bail until you have met with the judge.
  • You will be given a court date that will fall between 24 hours and a week later. This is your first appearance in court and will not be able to obtain bail until you have met with the judge during this first appearance.
  • During your first appearance you will be read your charges, meet with your lawyer and be able to determine if you are eligible for bail. If you are in fact eligible for bail, the judge will decree the amount of bail in order to have you released from jail. You will then be allowed to discuss this with your lawyer and have a method of finding a bail bonds in the area should you choose to use a bail bondsman. You may appoint a cosigner to obtain a bail bond for you or your lawyer may be able to handle the bail bond issue themselves.

Providing Accurate Information for Your Bail Bondsman

After you determine if you're eligible for bond you will need to let your cosigner or your lawyer know the following information. Keep in mind this information must be accurate, factual and must be as truthful as possible. Any lying or falsified information will keep you from receiving a bail bond and may put you in a situation of gaining further charges on your current charges.

  • Your name, date of birth and location of birth will be required by the bail bondsman. This is for legal paperwork purposes and will need to be factual. No aliases will be allowed. If it is found to have lied on any of this information during a background check, you will be voided out of the system for bail bond and new charges may be brought against you.
  • The charges that are being brought against you must be released to the bail bondsman. This means that any charges including pending charges must be released to the bail bondsman in order for the bail bonds and make the proper decisions in your particular case.
  • You also need to provide the amount of bail that the judge has set in your particular case. A percentage of the bail will be required at the time you apply for the bail bond along with a nonrefundable charge that is determined by the bail bondsman to cover bail bondsman fees.

Considerations of Bail Bonds in New Hampshire

You should consider, prior to obtaining a bail bond in the state of New Hampshire, any issues that you may have with meeting your court date. If you do not meet court date you will not only lose the money you that pay into the bail bond you will also lose any collateral and you will go immediately to jail. It is vital that you maintain the responsibilities set forth by the bail bondsman and the show up to your court date.

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