Bail Bonds in Nebraska

Obtaining a bail bond in Nebraska requires a few prerequisites. Before obtaining a bail bond you will need to follow a few court procedures.

  • When you have been arrested you will be taken for processing into a county or city jail. After processing you will be held until you have a court appearance with the judge. The wait for this first court appearance can be as short as 24 hours or as long as a week.
  • After first court appearance you will hear from the judge, hear the charges that are being placed against you, enter a plea and you will find out if bail is an option.
  • If bail is an option, the judge will decree the amount of bail that will be necessary in order to release you from jail. You will then be allowed to discuss the options with your attorney and contact a local bail bondsman.

Information Required from a Nebraska Bail Bondsman

When you are ready to hire a bail bondsman in Nebraska, you will be asked for specific information regarding your case. This information will let the bail bondsman know how to proceed. The following is the information will be required from a Nebraska bail bondsman.

  • Your full legal name. This is the name that appears on your Social Security card or on your state ID. Please note that the giving of falsified name, also known as name or a fake name will not only render you ineligible for the bail bond in Nebraska but may also add new charges to your current pending charges.
  • Your date of birth, location of birth and possible next of kin. You may be asked the next of kin question to determine if there is a contact point should you miss your court date.
  • The charges that are being brought against you must be released to the bail bondsman. You must be detailed and what charges you are being given and if there any pending charges that may be added at a later date. These charges will make the difference on if the bondsman wants to deal with your case or not.
  • The amount of bail that the judge has set in your case. You will need to give the specific amount the judge declared. 10% to 20% or even 30% may be required depending on the charges being brought against you and the bail amount set by the judge. This amount will need to be paid along with a nonrefundable bail bondsman fee. The nonrefundable bail bondsman fee is determined by the bail bondsman.

What to Know after You Hire a Bail Bondsman in Nebraska

There are a few things you should know after you hire a bail bondsman in Nebraska. Your main responsibility is to show up to your court date at the specified time and date requested by the courts. If you miss this court date the money that you paid as a percentage of the bail will not be returned and the full amount of the bail will become due. If you have a cosigner for the bail that cosigner may become liable for the bail amount. If you used collateral it will not be returned you and will be confiscated towards the cost of the full bail amount. You may also be responsible for several requirements dictated by the bail bondsman. This may be checked in procedures or various other procedures that are required when you sign the contract with the bail bondsman.

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