Bail Bonds in the State of Montana

There are several steps required in the criminal justice process in order to receive a bail bond in the state of Montana. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain a bail bond in the state of Montana from the time of arrest to the time of obtaining the bonding being released from jail. Please note that this particular guide assumes that you are using a cosigner or someone representing you outside of the jail in order to obtain the bail bond.

Court Appearance

When you are arrested in the state of Montana, regardless of the city or county, you will be processed through the city or county jail and will await a court appearance. This court appearance will allow you to see the judge, for the charges to be read and for the judge to set a bail, if bail is even allowed in the case. In order to be eligible for a bail bond, you must have a judge set a bail amount at the time of your first court appearance. Following your first court appearance, if a bail has been set by the judge, you will be allowed the opportunity to contact someone on the outside of the jail through telephone call. This telephone call should be to a friend or family member who can help you obtain a bail bond. Remember, that this individual will more than likely be the cosigner on your bond so choose carefully.

Required Information

Regardless of who you choose to be the cosigner on your bail bond, there is still information that will need to be obtained to give to the bail bondsman. For the individual to contact the bail bondsman and to the proper information you will need to be clear with your information, concise of your information and honest with your information. Remember that giving a false name or any other information will not only cause you to be ineligible for the bond but may add increased charges to your current charges. The required information necessary to receive a bail bond is your full legal name as it appears on your driver’s license or your Social Security card. You will also need to supply your date of birth and your location of birth. It does not matter if you were born outside of the country or outside of the state of Montana, you will still need to produce the city that you were born in. You will finally need to produce or gather the information on the charges being brought up against you. You will need to let the individual know the exact charges that you are being held under and the bail amount of the judge has set.

Finding and Hiring a Bail Bondsman in Montana

Once your cosigner has the information required by the bail bondsman to receive the bail bond, they will be able to take that information to the bail bondsman. A bail bondsman may be found near or around city courthouses, county jails and other legal areas. When the information is given to the bail bondsman the bail bondsman will then request a bail bondsman fee and a percentage of the bail bond depending on the type of bail bond and charges. Felony charges may hold a higher bail bond than misdemeanor charges. You can expect to pay a 10% to 20% fee for the bail bond. Collateral may also be used depending on the requirements and regulations set forth by the bail bondsman. If you arrive at your court date on time and on the date of your court date, all collateral and percentages of the bail bond that have been paid will be refunded to you. The bail bondsman fee is nonrefundable.

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