Bail Bonds in the State of Missouri

There are several steps that should be taken in order to receive a bail bond in the state of Missouri. The steps are not only considerations but also legal considerations that should be taken into account prior to speaking with a bail bondsmen. After you have met with the judge, the judge has set bail in your case and you have spoken with an attorney then you may make the decision to choose to obtain a bail bond. If a bail bond is still the route that you would like to go, here are the steps in order to obtain a bail bond in the state of Missouri.

Gather Information

Although you can obtain a bail bond for yourself in several states, the most common form of obtaining a bail bond is have someone else represent you. This may be a friend or family member who will act as a cosigner. If you are lucky enough to find a bail bondsman who handles the bond over the phone, then that may be your best option. However, these bail bondsmen are rare and you may need to move forward with having a cosigner. The cosigner will need specific information to be gathered in order to obtain the bail bond in your place.

The information that will need to be given to the bail bondsmen is your full legal name. No nicknames, “also known as” or nonregistered names can be used. You must give them your full legal name as it is registered on your driver’s license or with the Social Security Department. You will also need to give your date of birth and the place you were born. After this information you will need to obtain the exact charges that are being brought against you in the case. You may also need to have the individual inform the bail bondsman if there are any special stipulations in the case. Special stipulations can meet other pending charges or can mean particular details regarding the case that the bail bondsmen would need to know. You also need to provide the amount of the bail being set by the judge and any collateral or method of payment that can be used. The individual applying for the bond for you will give this information to the bail bondsmen at the time of the application.

Hiring a Bail Bondsmen in Missouri

Once you have gathered all the information given to your cosigner, the cosigner will then take that information to the bail bondsmen. A bail bondsman can be located through several methods. The most common method is to find a bail bondsman who has 24 hours servicing and is located near the courthouse, jail or County correctional facility in the area. Certain requirements will be made by the bail bondsmen that may include scheduled check-ins, specific hourly check-ins or that may require other responsibilities. These responsibilities must be met and agreed upon in order to obtain the bail bond. 10 to 20% of the total bond will need to be paid to the bail bondsmen. A fee from the bail bondsmen will also be included. The fee is nonrefundable however the 10 to 20% of the bail bond that is paid is refundable if the individual arrives for their court dates.

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