Bail Bonds in Mississippi

In the state of Mississippi, when someone obtains a bail bond from a licensed bondsman two things are being stated. The first is that the individual obtaining the bail bond is assuring the bail bondsman and the state that they will appear at their court at the designated time. The second statement being made when a bondsman is obtained, is that the bondsman is assuring that the individual will make it to their court dates at the designated date and time. In order to obtain a bail bond a judge must first set bail in the case. The following is the basic process for obtaining a bail bond in Mississippi, after a judge has set the bail for the incarcerated individual.

Choosing the Type of Bail Bonds

There are several types of bail bonds available in the state of Mississippi to incarcerated individuals who have had bail decreed by a judge. The most common form or type of bail bond is a bail bond offer directly through a licensed bail bondsman in the state of Mississippi. When an individual chooses this type of bail bond, they are agreeing to not only the conditions set forth by the judge but also the conditions set forth by the bail bondsman.

Agreeing to Bail Bondsman Conditions

Agreeing to the conditions that are set forth by a bail bondsman is probably the easiest portion of the bail bond process. A bail bondsman may have different requirements that will move in conjunction with the state or local requirements. These requirements may consist of a bail bondsman see that must be paid separately of the percentage of the bail bond being paid. The bail bondsman may also require specific check-in methods such as daily phone calls, hourly phone calls on the weekends or office check ins during the week and weekends to ensure that the individual has not left the area. All of these conditions set forth by the bail bondsman must be met at the time the paperwork is signed for the bail bond. If an individual is obtaining a bail bond for another individual, or more commonly known as cosigning on a bail bond, they will be responsible for certain aspects of the bail bond as well.

One of the most common responsibilities of any bail bond in the state of Mississippi comes into play when an individual misses their court date. If the individual misses their court dates, the collateral or amount paid of the percentage of bail will not be refundable and the entire bail amount will come due. This entire bail amount will be owed by the individual who is the responsible party. This means if you're a cosigner you may be responsible for the entire amount of the bail bond if the individual does not show up to court.

Hiring a Bail Bondsman

There are several ways to hire a bail bondsman within the state of Mississippi. One of the most common ways to incarcerated individuals use to find and hire a bail bondsman is by having an individual cosigned for them and located bail bondsman close to the jail or County facility they are being held in. Bail bondsmen are usually located with in the area of a courthouse or jail facility. For more information about hiring a bail bonds are finding a bail bondsman within the state of Mississippi individuals may utilize the following website

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