Getting a Bail Bond in the State of Minnesota

Getting a bail bond in the state of Minnesota may be a bit challenging for some individuals. There are certain rules of Minnesota and the state of Minnesota refers to bail bonds most commonly as surety bonds. This can make finding a bail bondsman a little difficult, but if you know the types available and what to expect from a bail bondsman the search for a bail bond and getting a bail bond in the state of Minnesota is increasingly easier. Here are a few facts regarding getting a bail bond in the state of Minnesota.


In the state of Minnesota, collateral may be used as a form of security for payment. Many bail bondsman within the state of Minnesota, tend to approve the collateral because the use of collateral offers a higher insurance of the individual showing up for the court date. The benefit of using collateral is not only a benefit for the bail bondsman but also a benefit for the incarcerated individual. After the individual has appeared at their court dates, the collateral will be returned in full. Each bail bondsman has their own set of fees and fee structure that will need to be paid regardless of the collateral or amount of payment made toward bail bond.

Bail Bonds and Court Costs

A common question asked of Minnesota by individuals who are seeking a bail bond, is whether or not a bail bond will cover fines or court costs. The simple answer is no. A bail bond covers the amount of bail set by the judge at the initial hearing. This bail bond does not cover any court fees, fines or other restitution fees that may become the responsibility of the incarcerated individual. The bail bond only satisfies the cost of the bail set forth by the judge. Any type of fees, restitution, court costs or any other fees associated with the court case must be the responsibility of the individual and paid for by the individual through legal means.

How to Find a Bail Bondsman in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota makes increasingly easier for individuals to find licensed and legitimate bail bondsman within the state of Minnesota. The Minnesota judicial branch, offers a website specifically for a statewide list of approved bail bond agents. If you're in need of a bail bondsman and are unable to find or locate a bail bondsman by other means you may search the database located at the following website: It should be noted that finding a bail bondsman in Minnesota can be made increasingly easier by using an individual who is a member of the family or a close friend. Bail bondsmen are generally located near or around County jails, correctional facilities or near courthouses. If an individual is obtaining a bail bond on your behalf they will need your full legal name, date of birth and location of birth as well as the charges that are being filed against you. This is required prior to obtaining the bail bond and should be available at the time of contacting the bail bondsman.

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