Getting a Bail Bond in Michigan

Obtaining a bail bond in the state of Michigan requires many of the same basic requirements the other bail bonds throughout the country require. The processes are roughly the same. An individual who has been arrested will be taken to the city or county jail. They will be processed and will meet with the judge within a set amount of time. When the individual meets with the judge, they will determine the charges being brought up against the individual and bail will be discussed. If bail is an option the individual may then contact a bail bondsman or have someone appointed to contact a bail bondsman for them.

Types of Bail Bonds in Michigan

In the state of Michigan individuals have a choice between several different types of bail bond options. These options should be considered prior to obtaining the services of a bail bondsman. It's also to be understood that these particular types of bail bonds in Michigan, also come with different responsibilities and requirements. Here are a few of the main types of bail bonds offered within the state of Michigan.

  • Cash bonds and cash bond options are the most common form of bail bond options made available when bail has been set. Individuals who are incarcerated can choose to skip the bail bonds process altogether and pay the bail. The disadvantage to a cash bond service is that the incarcerated individual will need to pay the entire bail amount. However, it should be noted that some bill bondsman will offer a cash bond option when utilizing the services. The cash bond option with a bail bondsman will allow the individual to pay, in cash, a percentage of the bail bond. This percentage is generally 10% to 20% depending on the city and bail bondsman.
  • Property bonds are another form of bale bonds available in Michigan. Much like with cash bonds, an individual may choose to go straight to the court or through bail bondsman in order to use property as part of the bond. Many bail bondsman will accept property as a form of collateral and payment. It should be noted that an individual using property as a form of collateral and does not arrive at their designated court dates they will lose the collateral as well as to the full amount of the bail.
  • Full bail bonds option is the option that is used in the majority of cases. Using a bail bondsman means that an individual will pay the bill bondsman the percentage of the bail bond required by the bondsman or by the state and have certain responsibilities set forth by the bondsman and by the state. For example, an individual may have special check-in procedures they must adhere to in order to use a particular bail bondsman. If an individual does not meet these particular requirements, procedures or misses their court date they will owe the full amount of the bond and will be escorted to jail.
  • Finding and Hiring a Bail Bondsman in Michigan

    The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has extensive information on the laws and methods required in hiring a bail bonds in the state of Michigan. Their website can be accessed here,4601,7-154-35299_10555_22535_23032-69197--,00.html. Remember that bail bondsman can be located through regular Internet searches, yellow page searches, directories and may possibly be located in or around the generalized area of the jail or County Courthouse. Many bail bondsman in Michigan operate a 24-hour day business for incarcerated individuals convenience.

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