Getting a Bail Bond in Maryland

Types of Bail Bond in Maryland

When you are arrested in the state of Maryland you may have certain options in the form of obtaining a bail bond. The first thing to know about obtaining a bail bond in the state of Maryland is to know what happens after the arrest is made. You will first need to understand the charges against you, that you may obtain an attorney and in fact the right to obtain an attorney, if you will need to remain in prison pending your trial and finally if bail can be set and what that bail be set as. After you have gone through these steps in the judicial process you may be able to obtain a bail bond.

Before contacting a bail bonds company in obtaining a bail bond in Maryland, you will first need to understand the types of bonds available to you.

  • The first type of bail bond is a cash bail. This means that a percentage of the cash bond will be posted in the amount of $2500 or less is a cash deposit of 10% can be placed. If you are using a cash bail option you must understand that the person posting the cash bail, which can be you, is responsible for the full amount of that bail. In cash bail situations as long as you appear before the judge on your court date the amount you post will be refunded in full. If you do not meet your court date the full amount of the bond will be due.
  • The second type of bond is a property bail bond. This means that your land, estate, home or any property that you have and that you own can be used to post bail.
  • Assets, credit cards and miscellaneous collateral are also common methods in posting bail. It should be noted the cash bail, property bail and other assets can be used with bail bondsman or with the courts directly.
  • Full bail bondsman bail is the last and most popular choice for many individuals. In this situation you will obtain a bail bond from a licensed bail bondsman in the state of Maryland. The charges for the bondsman are non-refundable however any collateral that is used will be returned to the individual who posted the collateral after the courts read the disposition of charges. Service fees may apply and other obligations may be necessary.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Maryland

When you have decided what type of bail bond you would like to receive and what method you would like to use you will move onto the next step which is obtaining a bail bond in Maryland. Your first portion of the step will be to locate a bail bondsman. Locating a bail bondsman is fairly easy. Bail bondsman's offices are generally located near the police department, sheriff, or correctional facility. Bail bondsman may also advertise their services in the city directories and online. Once you have located a bail bondsman who can handle your case and your issue, you will provide the amount of money necessary in order to post bail bonds and sign a promissory note stating that you understand the bail bondsman's requirements and your responsibilities. After this paperwork is signed bill will be posted and you will be released until your court date.

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