Getting a Bail Bond in Maine

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Maine

Individuals who are seeking to post bail for a loved one or family member will need to go to a bail bond agency in order to start the process. They will need to provide personally identifiable information about where they work, their address, social security number, and various other information for personal verification. After this process is finished, they will have to pay a series of fees and the typical premium which is supported by the state. Generally, this is 10% of the bail price unless there are discounts or other circumstances involved.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Maine with a Criminal History

Anyone can obtain a bail bond as long as they have the correct information and can verify that they are who they claim to be. They must be able to provide some type of collateral if the individual who needs bail has had an extensive history of not meeting the deadlines and attending hearings that are associated with legal procedures. Otherwise, there should be no difficulty in securing bail.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Maine

There are a few situations when collateral may be needed when the bail bond is being created. If the individual that the post is being created for has a substantially high bail, collateral is usually needed to help cover the cost of that bail. If the individual is known for missing out on court dates or other required appearances, it may also be necessary because this would be considered to be a risky investment for the bail bond agency. Collateral is usually accepted in the form of property and vehicles, although some locations accept jewelry as well.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Maine

The internet is generally the best way to find a bail bond agency within the area. Contacting multiple bondsmen can be a good idea if you are seeking options that don’t require collateral. You can also contact the legal department responsible for the detainment of the individual in question and ask them for references to reliable bail bonds agencies in the area.

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