Getting a Bail Bond in Louisiana

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Louisiana

To arrange for posting bail within the state of Louisiana, individuals will need to go to a bail bondsman or a bail bond agency. The individual will need to submit several forms of identification and provide information about the person who is currently incarcerated. After this is done, they will need to answer a few questions regarding the situation and pay the associated premiums and fees for the bail. Premiums are determined by the state and are usually around 10% of the bail amount or higher.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Louisiana with a Criminal History

Usually there are no restrictions regarding who can get a bail bond. The main concern is the criminal history of the person who needs to the bail. If someone is considered to be a high risk, then they are going to need collateral in order to get bail provided by the agency. People who have always shown up to their court dates have the opportunity to avoid the collateral situation unless they have a very high bail amount set.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Louisiana

The use of collateral depends solely on the situation of the individual who is being incarcerated. If the bail amount is at a very high price, then the agency is going to request that there is collateral provided to ensure that there will not be any issues in case the individual does not attend the hearing or if any other issues may arise. The collateral may be real estate or other items, such as a car or vehicle. Usually collateral is not needed and there are many agencies which do not require the use of it at all.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Louisiana

The legal department or law firm that the individual is currently incarcerated by or being represented by can generally provide information about where to find bail bond agencies. Information is also available by searching on the internet or the yellow pages.

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