Getting a Bail Bond in Kentucky

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Kentucky

There are no specific requirements for those who are seeking to get a bail bond for someone within the state of Kentucky. Contacting a local agency will allow you to set up the process for creating the bond. You will need to provide information about yourself, such as your home address and your employer, as well as various information for verification. You will also have to answer questions about the person who is incarcerated and then pay the fees that are associated with writing the bond. The premium is usually 10% and up, depending on the amount of the bail.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Kentucky with a Criminal History

Those who have a criminal history should not have any difficulty in being able to get a bail bond for someone else. The main focus is in regards to the criminal activity of the person who is currently incarcerated. If the individual is known to miss court dates, it can define whether or not the bail bond agency will want to consider taking their case with or without the use of collateral.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Kentucky

If the amount of bail needed for the individual is particularly high, the agency may request some form of collateral. The collateral is used to ensure that the bail will be covered for the agency if anything goes wrong or unexpectedly. People can use cars or other types of property as a form of collateral to pay for the bail in these circumstances. Collateral cannot be used to cover the fees that are associated with having the bail bond created.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Kentucky

Plenty of information can be found about bail bonds if you contact the correct people. You can find information on the internet or you can get more information from the local police department in your area. The white pages and yellow pages are another good resource that individuals can use to learn more about bail bond agencies within their city.

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