Getting a Bail Bond in California

Requirements for a Bail Bond in California

In order to get a bail bond, the affected person must present identification, work verification, and personal info such as driver’s license along with social security numbers. Additional information like home address and employer info may also be needed. The individual should be open to pay a premium, which is the percentage of the bail quantity overall. This generally begins at 10% and higher, also considering additional fees depending on the conditions. The premiums for every bond tend to vary depending on the state regulations and cannot be altered.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in California with a Criminal History

In most cases, bail bonds attained when you have some form of criminal record. However, depending on the level of criminal activity and legal implications that the individual has had over a period of time, the agency may need collateral to be able to create the bond because they might view the individual as a high-risk investment if they have a history of not using legal protocols.

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