Bail is not required for everyone arrested. It is decided by the judge at a bail hearing, by using the crime you’re being charged of, your refer... Read More
Bail is often set at a high dollar amount, but if you can find the money, a friend or loved one can be released from jail. This is ideal because it co... Read More
After an arrest, the court judge will decide if you are eligible for bail during the bail hearing, also known as an arraignment. During the arraignmen... Read More
Getting a bail bond is going to be necessary if you have someone close to you with bail, but aren’t able to pay for it upfront with cash or a cr... Read More
Bail is a set amount of money set by the court and judge based on the arrested person’s reputation, flight risk and criminal record. If it was a... Read More
Bail allows for people to get out of jail while they are waiting to have their case taken to court. It is a legal right that dates back hundreds of ye... Read More
A nebbia hearing is an important part of the federal bail bonds process that makes everything possible. It is something that is not included in state ... Read More
One of the many critic’s of the state budget plan to allow bail bondsmen gives credit to the governor for vetoing the provision while remaining ... Read More
Federal bail bonds are different from normal state or county bail bonds but they have some similarities. The minor differences are easy to understand.... Read More
Regardless of whether the individual is facing charges for something serious or something minor, trying to run away after bail has been posted is goin... Read More
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