Boston Marathon "Hoaxer" Kevin Edson Ordered to Be Held on $100K Bail

The most recent news was released regarding the case of Kevin "Kayvon" Edson, the man charged with "performing" a hoax involving a bomb scare at the annual Boston Marathon. A few hours after the celebrations marking the anniversary of the tragic Boston bombings, in which two pressure cookers filled with explosives were placed at the finish line of the race and went off. This caused the death of three people and injury to over 200 others.

The details of the case are shocking as Kevin Edson was arrested for mimicking this horrific terrorist attack when he was found carrying a backpack that was holding a rice cooker. His crimes are concerning, but they get worse. Authorities learned from passers by that later on Tuesday, he was found yelling as he walked through the street barefoot while it was pouring rain out. The most alarming part was that Edson had his face painted with the traditional colours of the Boston Marathon. Naturally, pedestrians knew that something was very wrong.

Although the rice cooker did not contain explosives, Edson's performance was far from legal. The list of his charges is as severe as the amount of his bail. On Wednesday, Edson appeared in court for the first time, where he would face charges ranging from threatening battery to threats to commit a crime. Included in this list of charges is disturbing the peace and public assembly, disorderly conduct, and possession of a hoax explosive. Due to these the severity of these charges, Edson is being held on $100,000 bail to ensure he appears in court on May 7 at the Boston Municipal Court

The contents of the backpack were destroyed, along with the backpack. According to the authorities, Edson commented before the destruction of his belongings by saying he knew what he was doing, and the performance was all about symbolism. However, Edson has also been sent to Bridgewater State Hospital, which is the state's primary psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. He will undergo a mental assessment in the form of a psychiatric evaluation. Although he states that he was aware, his actions leading up to the marathon and on the day have demonstrated the need for an evaluation of his mental state.

Edson's family was devastated by the events that took place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. However, they admitted that they knew he was mentally unstable and undergoing some anxiety issues. According to the family, Edson was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was 19 years old. Now 25, it has been many years that he has been fighting his mental condition. Edson's mother also stated that Edson was no longer taking his medication and that may have caused his outburst. Authorities mentioned in reports that Edson's backpack also contained a robot mask alongside the rice cooker. More recently, Edson's lawyer was another witness of his deteriorating mental state. Unfortunately, these signs were not able to help anyone understand that he was going to act out in such a disturbing way.

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