5 Celebrities Who Have Used Bail Bonds to Avoid Jail Time

Although most people think that fame means getting special privileges and being able to get out of anything, it typically does not mean the same thing when it comes to bail and bail bonds. In some cases, being a celebrity can work against the person being charged of a particular crime or offense. Due to the fact that celebrities have access to financial support and other resources, some judges will set higher bails to ensure they appear in court on the required date. Considering this fact, the following celebrities have faced charges for committing a crime or offense and required the assistance of a bail bondsman.

Teresa and Joe Giudice (Real Housewives of New Jersey)

In 2005, Teresa and Joe Giudice were charged with conspiracy for trying to illegally obtain defraud lenders and hiding important information regarding assets and personal income. At the time, the couple was going through a bankruptcy case in which the result could potentially mean deportation if the two were found guilty of the charges in question. According to ET News, Joe Guidice was not a U.S. citizen which meant he could be sent back to Italy (where he was from) if he was found committing fraud in the U.S. After a court hearing on July 30, 2013, both individuals were released on $500,000 bail bonds.

Nicholas Cage

In 2011, famous actor Nicholas Cage was forced to face some serious charges, including domestic violence, disturbing the peace, and public indecency. Due to public drunkenness, Cage worsened his situation by engaging in physical confrontation with the paparazzi as well. As a result, Cage needed to contact one of his close friends, the "Dog Bounty Hunter" who is also known as Duane Chapman. Due to the charges, Chapman was asked to post $11,000 in bail bond in order to help Cage out of this sticky situation.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most popular celebrities in the media today for her trouble with the law and time spent in rehabilitation. Lohan actually needed to hire a bail bondsman when she first began to experience minor (and eventually more serious) scrapes with the law. Her bail bondsman has stayed on board due to her repeated violation of the law. In 2010, she violated probation numerous times, and this required her bail bondsman to get her out of trouble by posting additional bail over an extended period. Luckily, she managed to remain free until her hearing date as a result of the help she received from her bail bondsman.

Katt Williams

Well-known actor and comedian Kat Williams has faced several charges throughout his career in the spotlight. Fortunately for him, he has always had a bail bondsman to help him out of difficult situations when it comes to legal trouble. However, these "escapes" from the law have been very expensive, especially for his bail bondsman. For instance, Kat Williams was charged with burglary in 2009 when he was living in Georgia, and the bail posted was $40,000 USD. Although bail was posted and he was released, he was not able to make the payments to the bail bondsman, and he was arrested a second time for not being able to pay these fees. As a result of this situation, Kat Williams was forced to post his own bail of $10,000 so that he would avoid being held until his court hearing.

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