Three Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Skipping Bail

Skipping bail is a serious offense that should not be done under any circumstances. That said, the act of jumping or skipping bail occurs frequently among repeat offenders and individuals who are facing serious charges. Nonetheless, these "skippers" are going to make their situations much more difficult as the consequences of skipping bail will be added to the charges they are already facing. For the purpose of this article, the various reasons why you should think twice before skipping or "jumping" bail will be discussed. Thus, if you are out on bail and thinking about skipping your next hearing, you will want to read on before making any moves (in the wrong direction).

The Bail Bond Agency

If you have appointed a bail bondsman to represent you, the court will notify the bail bond agency as soon as you have decided to skip out on bail. The insurance company representing the bail bond agency will also need to be notified that you failed to appear in court on the required date. Moreover, the amount of the bail bond will need to be provided to the insurance company by the bail bondsman that chose to represent you. However, there will be a waiting period given to the bail bond agency, which must be used to find you or make contact with you in order to understand your reasons for skipping bail. If you choose to go to court after skipping out on bail, you will likely be charged a penalty in the form of likely a large fine.

The Authorities

Once the bail bondsman has failed to make contact with you, the court will need to be notified and a "bench warrant" will likely be issued. This warrant will be for your arrest, but it also means that the bail bond agency must forfeit the full amount of the bail to the court. At this point, the authorities will be searching for you and contacting all of your family, friends, and/or relatives in order to find you. Moreover, a bail bond fugitive recovery agent can also be appointed by the court to find you; this type of agent is professionally trained to find individuals who have skipped out on bail. It is important to recognize that these agents have extraordinary legal powers which will be used towards efforts of finding you.

Your Family and/or Friends

In most cases, you will have a family member, friend, or close relative act as your surety; this means the person who has taken the role of surety will incur the cost of your bail if you do not appear in court. Since this amount can be in the thousands, you will be putting this individual in a very difficult situation even though he/she is doing you the favor of acting as your surety. Not only will you be causing this individual a great deal of emotional and financial stress, but you will also likely damage this relationship to the point that it cannot be recovered. Furthermore, the efforts of recovery agents and the authorities will seriously affect the everyday lives of the individuals who are (or were) in your life before you skipped bail. These individuals will be interrogated and visited constantly until you are found. Thus, the collateral damage caused by your actions will include affecting the individuals that you claim to care about most in your life.

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