What to Look for in a Good Bail Advocate

If you are in a situation in which you must post bail for a family member, close relative, or friend, it is important to understand your role as well as the role of a bail bondsman. However, you will need to consider what types of qualities and qualifications are required of a bail bondsman before choosing one to represent the individual in your life who has committed an offense. For the purpose of this article, you will learn what types of qualities you should consider in the person that you hire to act as your bail bondsman.


According to the law in the United States, bail agents must have completed coursework related to bail bonds in order to become qualified and licensed in the field. Although most states will have different rules regarding this particular condition, a bail bondsman must renew his license at least every two years in most parts of the U.S. Before you choose to work with one particular bail bondsman, you will want to be sure that he/she has been licensed and holds a current license for bail bonding. This way, you know that you can start the bail process with someone that you can trust.


Once you have confirmed that the particular bondsman that you have chosen is licensed, you will want to ensure that this individual has a structured presentation that would also be persuasive in a court room. You will be able to identify this quality in a bondsman by the way he/she present him/herself to you. For instance, a good bail advocate will not repeat anything, unless it is of the utmost importance. Moreover, this individual will not read out sections from statutes and state law; instead, this individual will show you how your particular case relates to similar cases that have been handled in the past.


A good bail advocate will have a positive persona in that he/she will be confident in taking on your case and representing the individual who committed the offense. Although you may be nervous, anxious, or concerned about your particular case, a good advocate will help ease your feelings and show you how he/she plans to approach your case in court. Part of the persona is appearance; thus, you will want to be sure that the advocate is well kept and dressed for the part. In a courtroom, professionalism is necessary at all times. Moreover, this individual will be focused on making a positive and lasting first impression in the courtroom.

Language and Voice

Since the time in the courtroom will be limited, it is important for the advocate to understand that words can be very powerful in conveying a particular message to a judge. Thus, you will want to know that the bail bondsman you choose has carefully thought out what will be said in court. Similarly, voice will be equally as important as words in the presentation of your case. For instance, your bail advocate should not be too soft spoken or overly aggressive. Instead, the bail bondsman should be able to deliver your message in a clear and concise manner.

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