How to Post Bail in New York City
In the city of New York, there is a growing attraction towards the bail-bond business for new entrepreneurs and experienced law practitioners. Currently, you can find storefront shops set up that are offering to help you figure out the bail bond process, including how to obtain assistance, how to find a bail bondsman, and also how to post bail. However, it is not necessarily the best idea to go ahead and pay a professional to complete this process for you. In the city of New York, the information on how to post bail can easily be found without the aid of a professional. In fact, the details, the steps, and other helpful information can also be found in this article. Thus, it would be worth your time (and money) to find out how to post bail on your own before you hire a professional to handle this simple process in New York.

How to Pay

In general, you will need to contact the City of New York Department of Correction in order to handle the bail posting process. In terms of "posting" or paying bail, you can use various methods to complete the payment process. More specifically, you can post bail by visiting the Department of Correction in person and paying in U.S. cash. If you choose this option, you will need to be able to pay the full amount in cash. Similarly, you can choose to pay the full bail amount using a cashier's or teller's check. In this case, you will need to ensure that the amount on the check does not exceed the bail amount. For all other methods of payment, you can only "post" or pay bail for an amount that does not exceed $1,000 USD. For instance, you can choose to pay by bank money order, but only up to the amount of $1,000 USD. Similarly, you can use a Federal Express money order, U.S. Postal money order, Travelers Express Company money order, and/or a Western Union money order. In addition, you can also choose to pay the bail using the GOV-PAY method, and this requires a debit card or credit card payment.

Where to Pay

In all cases, you must present a personal identification card and hold the New York State Identification number for the person who needs to be "bailed out." Although most payments will be processed by the Department of Correction, you must pay the bail at any of the detention facilities in the city. For instance, you can choose to post bail at the Brooklyn Detention Complex, the Manhattan Detention Complex, and/or the Vernon C. Bain Center. Through these facilities, you can have your money orders processed as long as the money orders are payable to the particular facility that you choose to visit. If you are paying bail at Rikers Island, you will need to make your money order payable to the Rikers Island Central Cashier or RICC. In most cases, it is recommended that you write out the full name to ensure that it is received by the RICC. More importantly, you should note that any money orders made out to the Department of Correction in New York will NOT be accepted. The Department of Correction is only responsible for processing the payments once they have been received by one of the detention centers listed above.
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