Entries for September 2013

One of the greatest issues associated with bounty hunters recently has been seen in the amount that are getting attention for handling their clients l... Read More
When you agree to cosign on a bail bond you may be trying to help out a friend or family member. Read More
If you are arrested, it is up to you to find an attorney and keep in contact with a close friend or relative to let them know about your bail amount. ... Read More
Bail is not required for everyone arrested. It is decided by the judge at a bail hearing, by using the crime you’re being charged of, your refer... Read More
Bail is often set at a high dollar amount, but if you can find the money, a friend or loved one can be released from jail. This is ideal because it co... Read More
After an arrest, the court judge will decide if you are eligible for bail during the bail hearing, also known as an arraignment. During the arraignmen... Read More
Getting a bail bond is going to be necessary if you have someone close to you with bail, but aren’t able to pay for it upfront with cash or a cr... Read More
Bail is a set amount of money set by the court and judge based on the arrested person’s reputation, flight risk and criminal record. If it was a... Read More
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