Entries for June 2013

Somewhat recently bail agents have been denied visits with their respective inmates. This has come into play lately because of the competition out the... Read More
Around a quarter of Vermont’s 1600 in state prisoners are those who are awaiting trial. These are individuals in prison because they haven&rsquo... Read More
A bail bondsman in Tampa is accused of committing tax refund fraud and then stealing his records from the IRS. The owner of Against All Odds Bail Bond... Read More
In most cases, people use bail bonds companies because they don’t have enough money to post the bail on their own and they need some assistance ... Read More
Absolutely affordable Bail Bonds in Santa Barbara has recognized how difficult it can be for people to celebrate a holiday like Mother’s Day whe... Read More
A judge has ruled that there is enough evidence that suggests that the owner of a Modesto bail bonds business needs to stand trial based on accusation... Read More
A surety bond was previously what bail bonds were referred to, but they are now used to speak about guaranteed made by businesses and others that are ... Read More
If a friend or loved one has been approved for release from jail with a bail bond, someone will need to co-sign and pay for the bond. When you are the... Read More
Many people have heard the term “let out on their own recognizance” but don’t really know what it means. This is a way of saying you... Read More
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