What Cosigners Should Know

What Co-Signers on a Bail Bond Should Know

When you agree to cosign on a bail bond you may be trying to help out a friend or family member. This is a noble act and should not be taken lightly. However when you choose to cosign on a bail bond there are certain aspects of that cosigning you should consider. Here are a few of those aspects to consider before you sign on the bail bond and become part of the bail bond cycle.


If the individual you are cosigning on the bail bond for is unable to pay their bail bond, skips out on the bond or has some other issue with bond you will be held liable for that bail bond amount. This could change their situation financially as well as emotionally and physically. Before signing on any bond make sure you fully understand your responsibility should the other individual back out of the bond or should there be a problem. Knowing everything you are responsible for the bond is one of the key factors in deciding if cosigning is the right option for you in order to help your friend or family member.

Notification Responsibility

If you cosign on a bail bond for a friend or family member you become the notifying party should that family member or friend disappear. If for some reason the individual does not show up for their court appointment or court dates the bail bond company will contact you. You are the next point of contact as the cosigner on the bail bond. They will ask you if you know where they are or if you know how to locate the individual. Some bail bond companies may also send by a bounty hunter or bail bond representative to check your home to ensure that you are not hiding the fugitive or that you are not hiding information regarding the fugitive. Before being signed as a cosigner on a bail bond be sure the you want to be the next contact if something should happen.

Personal Issues

Before signing on as a cosigner on a bail bond make sure the you are ready and completely prepared to deal with your personal issues in regards to the bail bond. For example, if you sign on as a bail bond cosigner in the individual does not show up for court date not only will you be questioned but your family may be questioned as well. This takes the cosigning to a new level and brings it to a personal level. Other examples are if you have a criminal background history you may have to discuss your criminal background history in order to cosign. For many individuals this is not a problem, however for some individuals this may be a severe violation of their privacy and they may find it embarrassing. Consider all of the personal aspects before cosigning on a bail bond.

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