Ways to Get Bail Money

Bail is often set at a high dollar amount, but if you can find the money, a friend or loved one can be released from jail. This is ideal because it could be weeks or months before they are to have their next court appearance, or when their trial starts if this applies. Luckily, you have multiple options for coming up with the bail money, as listed below.

Cash or Credit

The first option available to you is paying for it outright. This can either be as cash or by using a credit card. You are also able to split the bail money over multiple credit cards if you need to. For cash, it might mean withdrawing money from your savings account, but necessary if other options are not available to you. Remember if getting the money out for the entire bail isn’t possible, if you can make just 10% of it, then you can probably get a bail bond.

Sell Something

If you don’t have enough money to pay for the bail, you could always sell something. It will most likely need to be something of great value that can sell quickly. Depending on your needs and how badly someone needs to be released now, this could be anything from an antique to a car, or jewelry you have that you could get money for right away. This would need to be something to sell quickly, otherwise it really isn’t worth it.

Borrow the Money

Another option is to borrow the money from one or multiple people. If every relative pitched in $50 or so, it would most likely be enough to make bail. Remember if the case is dismissed or the person found not guilty, you can be reimbursed for the bail money. This is something to tell people when you’re asking to borrow the money. It helps more people agree to it when they know there is a chance they will get it back.

Bail Bonds

The final option for getting bail money is by getting a bail bond. You do this by visiting a bail bondsman business, otherwise known as a bonds agent. You will need to pay a percentage of the bail, which is their fee. In most states, the fee is set at 10%. After paying the fee, you will also need to guarantee this person is not a flight risk and you are responsible for making sure they don’t disappear and make all court appearances. Getting a bail bond is somewhat of a risk for you, since you are the one co-signing the bond, but it is definitely an option if the bail is set at a high amount and you can’t pay it.

These are the primary ways to get bail money. You can also use a combination of methods, such as borrowing some, selling a significantly valued item, using some of your savings, and getting a bond with the 10% of funds you have saved.

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