Preventing Clients from Jumping Bail the easy way

The legal profession is one of the most demanding jobs in the planet, because everyone needs to be smart and what over his or her footsteps all the way. Every professional and successful lawyer knows all what it takes for one to be smart, and most of them stick to the basic, be articulate and know how to back up every term you use. This is the hidden ingredient to success in lawyers. A small mistake however can make a client jump bail, which could be a risking factor for you as his or her legal representative. You should take all the precautionary measures to prevent the client from jumping bail. If you have to represent a client in a court of law, you always need to make sure the client will avail himself or herself, which eases a courts final decision. Here are several ways on how to avoid that.

1. Build an understanding and confidence with the client

For you to bail someone out, you need to always make sure you build confidence with the client, understand their situation and background, as well as create a relationship with them. This is the reason why you should have a mutual understanding with the client before bailing him or her out. Doing this ensures that he or she does not jump bail on the D-day, and place you in a compromising situation. To avoid this, you should explain and make the client understand what will be required of him or her, and the implications that might follow in case he denies any of the orders.

2. Scan or copy the applicants identity

This is specifically important especially if it is a new client. This can be done by making use of fingerprints taken out by the police department, and also getting to meet the applicant in person. You should also take copies of his or her personal identification, and also make sure that they are genuine. Law 101 dictates that, you should do all the photocopying yourself, and never allow the client to present the photocopies to you. This is a security procedure with all lawyers as a way to avoid one from jumping bail.

3. Keep track of court appearances, and verify the applicants phone and address

While in the process of applying for a bail, you should be sure that the client’s details are on point, and nothing is questionable. If the applicant has been indicted before, it is then your duty to see if he or she has ever jumped bail before, or missed any court sessions. One recorded event of a missed appearance should be a cause of alarm, because you can never be sure if he will do the same again. You should also check the applicants phone and home address, then verify them for security reasons. If need be, you should also get in touch with a friend or preferably a relative.

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