Tampa Bail Bondsman Faces Tax Fraud Charges

A bail bondsman in Tampa is accused of committing tax refund fraud and then stealing his records from the IRS. The owner of Against All Odds Bail Bonds is now facing possible time in federal prison after having been charged with the theft of government funds and obstructing a criminal investigation. The IRS criminal affidavit suggests that Wilson deposited over $300,000 worth of fraudulent U.S Treasury checks into accounts that he had opened in the name of his business. He tend proceeded to use the money for his personal expenses, such as buying a new car. He also used around $30,000 for gambling at the casino and cashed checks to himself for over $110,000.

By January 13th, the IRS agents had searched the bail bonds business and seized six boxes of records. Agents also seized the car that the man had purchased for himself with the money. His attorney requested copies of the seized records that he claimed were needed to help run the business. The IRS delivered three boxes to a copying center, only to discover that when agents went back to get the records three weeks later, they were told that the man paid cash for the copies and took the originals with him as well.

Although the IRS contacted the man’s lawyer and told him that they needed the evidence returned, it never happened. The man never arrived at the scheduled handoff at the copy center and the attorney later on texted the agent claiming that the records had been returned. When another agent went to get the records, he determined that only half of the records were there. The IRS was questioned as to why they left the records with the copy center to begin with. Their spokesman claimed that they were trying to accommodate the man because he’s innocent until otherwise proven guilty. He said that they would do the same thing if they had seized business records from any other business.

A federal magistrate recently ruled that the man may be released on a $50,000 secured bond. The case is said to be very unique and strange because this is one of the few times that someone has actually stolen back their own personal records from the IRS in an attempt to avoid further legal action. The next actions in the case may depend on what the man does regarding the rest of the records. If he provides the IRS with the rest of the records and follows everything that the court advises him to, he may not have too many problems with having a more positive result with his case; however, if he continues to withhold the evidence, it’s very possible that it will only increase the amount of time in prison and other related penalties based on his actions. No information has been released about whether or not he has made a statement to his lawyer regarding the rest of the records in question.

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