Five Facts about Immigration Bonds

When someone is on immigration detention, they will need to get an immigration bond. This will ensure their release. The following five facts over more insight and valuable information about immigration bonds and how they work. If you know someone on immigration detention, this can be very useful to you for working out a bond agreement.

About Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are a type of bond you pay in order to let someone out of immigration detention. Immigration judges often put up a bond amount that can be paid or arranged to let your loved one out of detention. They will be released as long as you pay the bond amount or put up collateral and they sign a document promising to appear for their immigration court date. It is similar to other types of bail bonds, though it is only for those in immigration detention rather than jail for committing a crime.

Immigration Detention

Immigration detention occurs when someone gets caught living in the United States illegally. This could be without proper documents like having a visa or green card, student visa, or other documentation showing you can be here. Immigrants living in the US are supposed to have legal non-citizen status and if they don’t, they can appear in detention until further actions are taken. The immigration bail bond will get them out of detention temporarily until their court proceedings.

Immigration Violation Arrests

The immigration bail bond must be first approved by the judge who is handling the case, and not everyone in detention will be released. The immigration violation arrest might also be the reason why someone is in detention, even if they originally had legal status such as a visa. For example, if a student is in the US with a student visa and they leave school but fail to get other forms of legal citizen status, they must return to their country. If they don’t, they are violating their immigration laws and can be detained. This is another reason you might need an immigration bond.

The Bond Process

The immigration bond process begins when you first get arrested and detained for violating immigration laws. Once you’re booked and processed, the judge on the case may decide that you’re liable for bail. The immigration bond paperwork needs to be signed, the co-signer of the bond will have to supply cash or property to be signed over, and then the person detained will agree to appear in court at a later date. The person released on bail will also be liable for counsel but the government will not pay for counsel for a non-legal immigrant.

Who Pays the Bond Money?

The immigration bond money can be paid by anyone who has legal status in the United Stated. It cannot be paid by another illegal immigrant of the country.

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