Getting a Bond

A bill that would establish a statewide guide for bail amounts has passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Read More
Business cards are your way of advertising your business even if you aren’t there to say anything. Business cards can be left strategically to ... Read More
The word blog is actually an abbreviation for “weblog”. A blog is a versatile internet voice. Whether you are a major celebrity or a kid... Read More
There are two sets of tools a bounty hunter uses. The first set is physical. Without a proper physical status and workout regimen you will be hard pre... Read More
There are two things you need to do in order to begin your career as a bounty hunter and start making an income. The first is to find a mentor. In add... Read More
The bail bondsman, is the agent working for a bonding company. They help you get your bail paid with a bonding contract, also known as a surety bond. ... Read More
The bail bondsman, also called bail agent, is in charge of the bail you have posted to get someone released from jail. Once you sign over the bond con... Read More
After someone is arrested, they will be scheduled for their first court appearance. This is typically within days after an arrest and will provide inf... Read More
If you have been involved in getting a bail bond for someone, but suddenly have a desire to cancel the bond, there are a few steps to take. First of a... Read More
If your loved one or close friend has been arrested and you have notice of their bail being set, this gives you an opportunity to come up with the bai... Read More
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