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For those who have never used bail bonds before, there is often the concern about whether or not they should give them a try during situations where a... Read More
There are generally very few people that would purposely miss a court date because the consequences of these actions are just too risky. There are peo... Read More
For years, OK bail bonds has been a bonds service company that individuals have been relying on for help if they were in the Harris or Brazonia counti... Read More
Several democratic state lawmakers are asking governor Scott Walker to consider removing a provision that would allow bounty hunters to comeback to Wi... Read More
Doing a search on the internet isn’t always the best way to find which service or company is best in terms of bail bonds. Unfortunately, there i... Read More
A recent news report detailed that two fake bounty hunters were accused of robbing women. The claim was that the two men had said that they were bount... Read More
There is a large amount of confusion associated with the different types of federal bonds that exist. To help clear up some of these issues, the follo... Read More
In situations where the client has skipped out on their bail and is trying to hide within the state or even escape the state, bounty hunters can be a ... Read More
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