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Skip tracing is the term used when a company is trying to locate someone. The company could be a debt collection agency, the court system or just some... Read More
Some people often ask and wonder what got other people interested in becoming bounty hunters and how they’re able to do it so successfully. It&... Read More
Bail bonds have been a way for people to get out of jail while waiting for their trial for a long time. It is surprising that there are still so many ... Read More
If an amount of money was given to the court to assure that you would show up for your court hearing, it is called being out on bail. Any time you are... Read More
In almost all situations where you are taken into police custody, you will be given a chance to make bail and be released until the day of your court ... Read More
A recent report suggests that the pink wearing ladies from Lipstick Bail Bonds are a topic of concern again. A woman in Hawthorne has said that the bo... Read More
Depending on which side of the courtroom you are standing on is a definite factor in determining whether pre-trial release is better than being releas... Read More
In South Africa there has been major uproar over the 9 officers who killed a man. They beat him severely and also dragged him by a vehicle that he was... Read More
One of the greatest issues associated with bounty hunters recently has been seen in the amount that are getting attention for handling their clients l... Read More
After the outing of a New York Judge claiming that there are injustices in the bail system, he is out to set new changes for the system. Jonathan Lipp... Read More
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