Governor Signs 9 Bills, Vetoes Bondsmen Law

Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin has recently approved nine bills, but vetoed one that would have granted more access to bail bondsmen. The bill would have allowed for bail bondsmen to do business in all of the state’s counties, which Fallin did not feel comfortable with approving since the state Supreme Court is already examining the option instead. The current law limits the bail bondsmen into only being able to write a few bonds for people who are outside of their county. With the Supreme Court examining the option already, it would have been useless to sign a bill into effect.

Although it seems that the Supreme Court may make a decision soon, some bondsmen have grown very frustrated with the idea of being limited to how many bonds they can write for people outside of the county. A new bill or a change in the decision would make it easier for bondsmen to be able to address the issue and would allow them to have more access in terms of their business endeavors. They would no longer be limited to who they would be able to help or provide service to, which may even help to stimulate the industry further.

However, some have questioned if these kind of changes are truly necessary. While there are a lot of supporters who have cited that the bill would be helpful and that it would help to provide bondsmen with more options, there are other individuals who have raised the question regarding just how many states allow their bail bondsmen to actually be able to write bonds for people outside of the county. Although there are states that have this provision, those who do not support the bill cited that there aren’t enough states that offer this option enough for it to be deemed necessary.

Ultimately, only time will determine if there will be a change to Oklahoma state’s law about how bondsmen are able to operate. Some people feel that if the governor already vetoed the bondsmen law, it means that state Supreme Court will likely refuse to make any changes either. However, it’s important to note that the governor only vetoed the law since the state Supreme Court is expected to make a decision soon, reminding supporters that there may still be a chance that the Supreme Court will completely change how the state limits bondsmen.

Being able to write bail bonds for people outside of their county would allow for bondsmen to be able to pursue many more business endeavors than they commonly do. However, it would also make it more difficult for bondsmen that are practicing within those outside counties because they would have to compete against the work of bondsmen from other counties. While some bondsmen are completely okay with this, there are others who feel that it would make the competition level of the industry within the state far more difficult to deal with. It is unknown when the state Supreme Count will announce their choice.

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