Dog the Bounty Hunter & Wife Push for New Oklahoma Laws

One famous bounty hunting couple is now pushing for stricter regulations for their peers and themselves within the state of Oklahoma. Reality stars Duane and Beth Chapman from the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” series recently met with some lawmakers at the state capitol in Oklahoma City in order to discuss more strict bounty hunting guidelines for those who are practicing within the state. They said that they want to ensure that the laws will be fair for everyone who is involved on both sides of the experience.

The Chapmans have been working together with Republican state senator Ralph Shortey on changing some of the language that is going into a proposed regulation bill for the state. The senator noted that there have been situations within the past couple of years where some of the bounty hunters in the area have gotten out of control and it has caused issues. By changing some of the laws and reforming the situation, it will help to improve the situation; people won’t be able to be held against their will and pets won’t die as the result of poor business actions being taken by inexperienced bounty hunters. These are situations which should never be acceptable in any circumstance, but especially not when dealing with bounty hunters who are supposed to be abiding by some form of guidelines.

It’s been said that the Chapmans are actually planning on opening an office in Oklahoma City soon, which may show why they have some concern regarding how the laws in the area are being handled in regard to bounty hunting. They plan on having a new reality series that will be debuting on CMT’s channel. Some people feel comforted by the idea that the Chapmans are helping out with the bill for bounty hunting because they note that the couple has a large amount of experience within the field and that they are working towards the improvement of laws within the area. However, there are some bounty hunters who feel a little more concerned, wondering if this will somehow limit their ability to practice within the area under their own free will.

For the most part, bounty hunting has come to be associated with a field that doesn’t have to follow most of the typical rules and regulations associated with the law. There’s no need for them to get a warrant in order to go searching for someone and they don’t need to go to a judge in order to get a subpoena. However, this has caused issues in the past with some bounty hunters because they have essentially abused the privilege and have caused serious problems based on the way that they decided to handle the situation at the time. The Chapmans hope that providing guidelines and reform to some of the laws in the area would be able to prevent situations like these from happening again in the future and would remove some of the stigma associated with the field of bounty hunting.

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