Bounty Hunter Deaths Spotlights Risk of Job

The recent deaths of two bounty hunters who were trying to apprehend a fugitive in Phoenix have spotlighted the amount of danger and risk that’s associated with the job according to an industry official. The president of the Arizona Bail Bondsmen Association claims that the group’s 280 members are working within a dangerous field of duty. Although the president himself has over three decades of law and military experience, he suggests that every time he goes out to work, he realizes that anything can happen and that there are a lot of risks that a bounty hunter takes within their line of work.

It has been said that around five bail bondsmen are killed on the job every year. Although this seems like a very minimal amount, it’s important to understand how this amount reflects in comparison to the amount of people who actually work as bounty hunters. One of the greatest issues is that sometimes people become bounty hunters and then begin going after fugitives or criminals who have serious records and may be able to severely harm or even kill them – something which is generally not realized by those who are starting out within the field of bounty hunting or those who are lacking self-defense experience.

The job of a bail bondsmen begins the moment that someone is bailed out of the jail itself. The agent is responsible for keeping in contact with the individual and making sure that they will show up in court. Its’ a very serious situation because money depends on whether or not that individual is going to appear in the court room. If they don’t, then the bondsmen are often forced to go find them and bring them back in, sometimes helping to get deals made for those who are more willing to be cooperative.

Better Bail Bonds, the company of the president of the association, has bailed out over 10,000 and only failed to capture seven. It is said to handle around 600 to 700 defendants every month. Throughout that period, there are usually around eight to ten people who are hiding from the law or trying to get away from the bounty hunters themselves. The agents that work at the company are enforced with wearing bulletproof vests and weapons. They don’t’ have to deal with some the traditional rules that are associated with law enforcement, such as needing a subpoena or a warrant in order to pursue someone.

Unfortunately, Arizona is one of the states that doesn’t require bail bondsmen to be educated or even trained. As a result, it really puts a lot of the bondsmen at risk since they don’t have any prior experience with the work that they are seeking to perform. The president of the association is seeking to push a bill forward that would require for bondsmen to be trained and educated before they can take on the task of having to put themselves in the line of danger on a regular basis.

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