Bail Bonds Spike During Fiesta Period

For some bail bonds companies, it has been said that outside of the major holidays, Fiesta is one of the busiest times of the year for them. The amount of alcohol and activity around this period almost always causes something to happen or for those who have been in hiding to come out in order to check the festivities. Although some companies are almost always busy, during the period of Fiesta, they have even more responsibility to acknowledge and take care of. Phone calls that are unanswered means that there are clients that are on the loose and not being handled correctly.

In these situations, the companies really have to change how they are willing to work with their clients. In example, instead of having one agent working on the telephones, they might need to have two agents instead. There’s a lot more to handle. Some companies resort to doing the paperwork later on so that they have more time to pursue the clients and find out exactly what is going on and who is getting arrested for which crimes. In most situations, the people are getting arrested for DWI’s and theft within the area.

The spike in this type of business is more obvious during the work week because this is the period when it would typically be more quiet. Days when a company would usually not be busy at all are filled with clients and phone calls during the period of fiesta. Although it’s great for business and for the industry during this time, many of the companies do notice that it’s unfortunate that so many people get into trouble and get arrested during periods of celebration and holidays.

Sometimes the period becomes so busy that multiple agents have to be sent out in order to handle the amount of fugitives and clients that may be out on the loose. Other times, they don’t have to spend so much time trying to track these people down, but more time answering questions on the phone and talking clients into coming in or making their court dates. It varies depending on the situation and the types of crimes that are being committed by the people in question. There is never just one “specific” approach that can be used for everyone. Most clients find some comfort in the realization of knowing that bail bondsmen provide them with more options to consider.

It has also been said that after the period of fiesta, there remains some clients that keep the companies busy for a while. Companies that are forced to wait on their paperwork may end up with a large amount of paperwork for weeks before they are completely caught up and current with everything else. Other times, the clients that they have found in previous weeks may still be a person of interest in the upcoming weeks or may be involved in vases that take longer to resolve when compared to other cases outside of the fiesta period.

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