How to Use Business Cards in Bail and Bounty Hunting

Business cards are your way of advertising your business even if you aren’t there to say anything. Business cards can be left strategically to help your business grow. They are only one form of advertising but they are definitely an important part.

Effective marketing is a vast field. It includes using marketing tools such as: direct mail (of sales letters or postcards), display and classified adverts, radio and TV commercials, and a lot more. In fact, the approach you take and the methods you use are only limited by your imagination and resources. There are basic rules that do not change, however. They are as follows:

  • You must get a potential client’s ATTENTION. Your headline is the most important part of an advertisement
  • You must create reader INTEREST. The letter should be built around an idea that offers value
  • You must arouse the reader's DESIRE. By focusing on all the benefits they will receive by hiring you
  • Your ad must move them to ACT and tell your readers exactly what it is you want them to do – Hire You.

Avoid making careless advertising decisions that can cost you money, it is important that you test and monitor every advertisement that you place. But it doesn't matter what your background is, you can learn to master this type of direct response advertising that is needed to launch a successful Bounty Hunting business.

Free business card publicity helps you can get your name and your company and your services out to your markets on a regular basis and your goal can be to sell products and services, your goal can be to get leads, your goal can be building traffic, your goal can be just developing credibility and getting your name out within the Bounty Hunter customers so they know you’re available.

Even though distributing business cards is considered free advertising or free publicity may cost some amount of money, depending on the way you implement them. And they will cost time and effort, so there is a trade-off. The rewards far outweigh any investment of your resources that you will have to make and it is certainly better than going the paid advertising route only.

An advantage of free publicity is that the audiences that see any information connected with you give it more credibility because you weren’t paying for it. It’s not a big paid advertisement. If you pay to run an ad that doesn’t give you as much credibility.

Free publicity is much harder to get than paid advertising sometimes though, because if you pay for advertising you can pretty much bet that your ad is going to be put in. However, free publicity get information about people all the time and only certain pieces of information actually get publicized. So, despite that, free publicity is still worth going after and there are a lot of techniques that can improve your chances of getting free publicity.

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