Entries for October 2013

Skip tracing is a term that is fairly new to most people. Read More
Becoming a bail bondsman is not as simple as filling out an application or applying for a business license. Read More
Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin has recently approved nine bills, but vetoed one that would have granted more access to bail bondsmen. Read More
One famous bounty hunting couple is now pushing for stricter regulations for their peers and themselves within the state of Oklahoma. Read More
A bill that would establish a statewide guide for bail amounts has passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Read More
The recent deaths of two bounty hunters who were trying to apprehend a fugitive in Phoenix Read More
One of the most common questions that people wonder is why bail bonds companies become so popular over the holiday seasons. Read More
For some bail bonds companies, it has been said that outside of the major holidays, Fiesta is one of the busiest times of the year for them. Read More
One of the topics that has recently become a matter of focus is whether states Read More
A new directory service has been launched with a comprehensive searchable listing of bail bonds companies that are available in the United States. Read More
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