Fitness and Tools of Being a Bounty Hunter

There are two sets of tools a bounty hunter uses. The first set is physical. Without a proper physical status and workout regimen you will be hard pressed to keep up in the bounty hunting world. The second set of tools are your hands on tools. When these two are combined, they create the ultimate force in reaching your goals and career options as a bounty hunter


Bounty Hunters must be in good physical shape when apprehending criminals. You don’t necessarily have to be in marathon shape but you have to be able to be ready for anything. Cardio training is very good so that you can keep up the momentum. You may have to give chase or run up stairs to apprehend a criminal.

Weight training is also a must just do to the nature of the business. You have to be physically strong enough to keep the power in a situation where the criminals will most likely struggle from you.

Your body is a tool that you will use the most often as a bounty hunter, and you need to keep it in the best shape possible. If you are unsure of where to start on your fitness journey as a bounty hunter, consider attending a gym. You can usually get personal training that will help you build your own workout plan. Stick to the plan, stick with the training, and never give up or loose site.

Your Hands on Tools


A baton can be very effective non-lethal weapons that will help the Bounty Hunter restrain the criminal.

Stun Tasers

Tasers are also effective at restraining the criminal. They are very handy because they are very light and some are made to fit in your palm. Cell phone stun guns are also available so it will catch the criminal off guard.

Stun tasers store a large amount of voltage and when that energy is transferred to the criminal, it can help immobilize them. The energy stops the criminal from thinking and causes involuntary muscle movement and disorientation.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray can be handy when you find yourself caught up in a bad situation without any backup.

Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms can be used in a situation where the criminal is not expecting a loud sound. The alarm will alert your partner that you need assistance right away.

These are just a few of the tools you will need. If you are uncertain of where to buy the tools you can do a simple search or you can turn to gun stores and law enforcement stores. Most gun stores will carry the basic tools you need. Though you can find them at some outdoor stores, gun stores will have a higher quality that will benefit you in the field. If you need feedback, they will also be able to give that. Remember, gun store owners are trained in all aspects of self-defense and firearms. If anyone can help you with your questions, its them.

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