What Bounty Hunters Always Need to Do

There are certain things that bounty hunters working for bail bondsman will always need to do. Training is one of them. If you think you will be able to walk in and start your career without having to keep up on certain aspects of your training, then you are wrong. Here are some things to consider in regards to training and constant vigilance.


As a bounty hunter, bravery, muscle, and old-fashioned common sense are basic essentials, but if you want to maximize safety precautions, additional training is highly recommended.

Courses in psychology, law, business, and communication help inexperienced bounty hunters assess situations and learn how to diffuse them with control and efficiency.

You not only need to be physically in shape, but you need to have a loud and commanding voice, and be sure of yourself. Any sign of question is a sign of weakness to someone else.

You should possess a black belt or several black belts in karate, and have private self-defense instruction several times a week. You need to have a gym membership as well as a personal trainer to work with you there.

The more physically in shape you are, the better you'll be able to run down your criminals - and run you will. Remember, they will do anything to avoid being caught! Stories of criminals jumping through building windows and swimming through alligator infested waters happen a lot more than you think.


Mental preparedness is important to have as a Bounty Hunter. Criminals will not only try your patience, but they will try you to see if you are on your toes. Let's start with the mental requirements.

You need to be strong willed, intelligent, not addicted to anything, quick thinking, street smart, good at communicating, good at business, organized, have a good memory, and be able to detect when people are lying by reading them and their body language.


You will always be training physically for your job. You have to stay in top condition in order to keep your head above water. This is not television, seriously think about the dangers, your life, where you want to be someday. There’s much more to Bounty Hunting than you may realize, so think long and hard if this is the road you want to head down. Your life could depend on it. As long as you maintain your health and your knowledge then you will be fine. Remember, to always maintain a working knowledge of law changes and guidelines in your city and state. Sometimes a state may change a ruling or a county may have a different ruling than you are aware of. Make sure you know these rules before you go after the suspect. You also need to check on any rule changes if you are going into another territory. Remember, its not maintaining a firm group on the rules that lead to the fall of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Though he was on reality television, his story still rings true and as a warning.

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